Rent Index 2024

New, qualified rent index 2024 published for Berlin

The new Berlin rent index was presented on 30.05.2024. It shows significant differences in rents depending on the year of construction, location and facilities of the apartments. The new rent index includes a new breakdown by year of construction.

This rent index 2024 is based on more precise data, as both landlords and tenants had to provide specific information on their rental and housing situation. This type of data collection did not exist in 2023. In recent years, rents have risen by an average of 2% per year. However, the new rent index only shows an increase of 0.7% compared to 2023. The local rent was calculated from the median of all data, not from average values. The 2023 rent index was only a transition and was only valid for one year. The rent index 2024 is again a qualified rent index for Berlin.

The rent index is intended to show tenants and landlords what rent is ok for the area and when a rent is too high. Important criteria are the location, facilities and year of construction of the apartments. The median local comprehensive rent in the new rent index is EUR 7.21 per square meter and serves as a limit for rent increases. In Berlin, the rent may increase by a maximum of 15% in 3 years, but must remain below the rent index.

Rents for apartments built between 2002 and 2009 are now lower than in the 2023 rent index. In contrast, rents for apartments built between 1919 and 1949 in basic residential locations have risen by 10 – 18%. In addition, the residential locations in Berlin were reclassified during the data collection for the 2024 rent index. Some 34,000 addresses were reclassified to a better residential location and around 31,000 addresses to a lower residential location. A corresponding residential location map is available on the website of Stadtentwicklung Berlin.

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