Furnished apartments

Inflow of young and well-paid workers increases demand for flexible rental models in Berlin

The significance of fully equipped apartment spaces in Berlin is on the rise. The need for flexibility and mobility among dynamic professionals, many of which are newcomers from abroad, makes ready-to-live apartments with flexible rental terms the accommodation solution of choice.

RBT Rental Management GmbH, a partner company of TRUST-AGN Holding GmbH, offers developers and apartment-owners comprehensive added value, enabling them to hand over their projects or apartments fully equipped and ready for tenancy without delay.

Möblierte Wohnungen

For many professionals, work location is dynamically changing and the number of commuters who spend their working week outside their hometown is growing continuously. In Germany about 2 million commuters work in the cities, where in Berlin only up to 300,000 people commute to the city every day to pursue their profession. With an annual increase of approximately 50,000 new jobs and an influx of more than 40,000 new residents per year, the trend for Berlin is clearly evident. In addition, there is a shortage of domestic skilled workers, which is largely compensated by hiring international work force. It is exactly these imported workers who need temporary furnished housing in Berlin, now and in the foreseeable future.

There are not many opportunities for temporary accommodation for an employee who moves to Berlin, especially from abroad, in order to pursue his or her - usually temporary - job. The companies based here are naturally looking for an economically reasonable accommodation for their employees. In comparison to hotels, furnished apartments provide a more affordable alternative. The comfort and the homely atmosphere of a fully equipped own apartment are only some of the parameters that make this rental solution so sought-after. TRUST-AGN Holding recognized early on the need for furnished living space and, together with its partner company RBT Rental Management, focused at enabling renters to rent comfortable and time-flexible accommodations in an uncomplicated and straight-forward manner.

From the apartment-owners perspective, RBT Rental Management facilitates renting out their properties while eliminating organizational and financial overhead. Nils Ellerkamp, the CEO of TRUST-AGN Holding and RBT Rental Management, explains that the short-term rental model has the additional benefit of allowing high flexibility throughout the investment’s lifespan. Rental price fluctuations or new regulations in the real-estate market can be immediately adjusted to- and, most importantly, it allows the possibility to obtain a vacant apartment within a plannable period of time. In particular in case of sale, the additional revenue from selling a vacant apartment vs. a tenanted one, plays a major role.

Since it is establishment in 2018, RBT Rental Management manages and rents out more than 100 furnished apartments in Berlin, focusing on protecting the interests of the owners while considering the needs and comfort of the tenants. The full scope of service ranges from renovating and dressing the apartment, finding tenants and on-going tenancy management. Together with its carefully selected partners, RBT Rental Management plans, delivers and installs exclusive kitchens and furnishing packages including accessories and decoration items in the most modern standards and taste. An apartment is typically ready to let within a period of 6 to 8 weeks from delivery, so that vacancy periods are kept as short as possible. Starting from the first rental, our track record shows an average occupancy rate of almost 98%.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and would be happy to support and assist you with your individual project: info@trust-agn.com.

Nils Ellerkamp, CEO TRUST-AGN Holding GmbH & RBT Rental Management GmbH