Termination Protection Clause

Berlin Senate extends protection for tenants

The Berlin Senate has decided to extend the existing termination protection clause for tenants in rental apartments that have been converted into condominiums for another 10 years. The clause prevents, that tenants can be terminated for a period of 10 years after conversion for reasons of own need. This clause has existed since 2013 and would have expired in September 2023. The extension means that the protection for tenants in converted apartments remains in place - assuming the tenants were already living in the apartment at the time of the conversion.

Germany-wide, a period of 3 years applies - the Berlin Senate uses an opening clause and thus its right to extend this period to 10 more years. The extension will come into effect from 01.10.2023.

Since 2015, approximately 119,804 rental apartments have been converted into condominiums in Berlin.

So-called milieu protection areas require a general permit in order to be able to carry out a conversion at all. These facts and a conversion ban for houses with more than 5 apartments are increasingly slowing down the conversion to condominiums in Berlin.

Berlin, 14.06.2023

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